Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

Me on the left and Always Alice on the right

Always Alice has a blog so I must have one too. I've had this blog for many months, maybe even a year, but I've never posted to it. I seem to use Lone Star State Knitters as my blog so never felt the need to have a separate one. I guess since Alice has a blog, I must get with it. I don't know how often I'll post to it, but it's here if I feel "wordy".

I finally did something yesterday that I have been wanting to do, but couldn't bring myself to do. My father died in 1992 and when my mother died in 2007, we found the wedding band that she wore when she and Dad first got married and also Dad's wedding band in the saftey deposti box. Mom's ring was so worn and thin it was barely there. Of course she got another very wide band with her "Kentucky Cluster" setting on it and wore that many years. My Dad died of lung cancer so he wasted away. He had put tape on his wedding band so he could wear it. We found that tape still on the ring in the saftey deposit box last year - 15 years later after he died so Mom had placed in there all those years ago. I have had his ring in a little bag in my armoire for almost a year. I take it out and look at it and slip it on my index finger or thumb and then contemplate taking off that tape. I could never make myself do it and it would always go back in the bag. Yesterday was a strange day for me and both my parents seemed to be in everything I saw or touched. I got out the ring. I got out the scissors. I sat for at least an hour and moved between knitting and picking up the scissors and the ring. I slipped in on my finger and something said, "It's time". What good is it in a drawer? I cut the tape.
I've had the ring on ever since and as hokey as it sounds it makes me feel both my parents so much when I'm wearing their wedding rings. Memories are flashing. David (hubs) and I are talking about times we haven't mentioned in years. It's a good thing.