Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Needs Improvement

So this new year has not been all that.  These first two months have not been fun yet. Christmas 2010 was not fun either so I guess it started then, but I won’t go back that far.  So far this year my darling husband, David, has had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix that was so bad gangrene had started to set in.  I know …ewww…TMI, but I’m just saying.  For two weeks, I took care of him, house, dogs x 4 and was exhausted, but very happy that he had come through the surgery with no complications and his recovery is still going well. Thank Goodness.  Because, now he is taking care of me while he is still recouping.
I had a little incident with a hurling dog.  Our dogs sleep in bed with us (more TMI?) as all of our dogs through the years have.  When they start the hurl in the middle of the night, I have always heard them and grabbed them and headed for the bathroom so they can hurl in the sink or on the tile floor rather than in our bed or on the carpet.  I’ve always been quite adept at it with a high success rate.  Be right backSo, at 4:30 in the morning last Friday, I grabbed our schnauzer Murphy who was in the “I’m fixing to hurl” portion of his hurling and hit the floor running.  Unfortunately, my pillow had fallen off the bed and it had a slippery organic cotton pillow case on it and my foot hit that and I hit the floor cradling dog carefully so he wouldn’t be hurt and let him go on into the bathroom where he completed his hurl.  I felt a snap in  my knee as I went down.  Not good.  When I get the dog cared for, hobbling around, I head for ice and anti-inflammatory and try to go back to sleep. Not good when I wake up either.
I have been RICE (resting, icing, compressing & elevating) all day Friday, yesterday and today. I’m praying that it is a pulled something that will heal itself. This is what it looks like today. Still swollen on that one side, but maybe a bit better? (wishing and hoping). 
We’ll see tomorrow if a call to the Doc is in order for some repair work. GAWD, I hope not.  Two surgeries in the same month. OY! OY!    $ Ka-ching! $ 
Meanwhile on the knitting front I’m knitting the Beloved shawl for me I think…but shawls have a way of turning out to actually be for someone other than me once I get them done.
I’m also designing a cape for my DD Cristi that has been put on hold since I have to actually think about this one and thinking on Vicoden doesn’t always turn out to be exactly what you wanted. Smile with tongue outSo far I like what is happening. This purple and green are her favorite colors.
Meanwhile, I have much help in my RICE.  My darling Kassi and Scotty both sit in the chair with me. And sometimes Murphy or Tyger will slip in too, but the leg is taking  up the 4th dog’s spot.  Kassi has decided that she can help my recovery by elevating her legs as well. Sometimes she uses me…sometimes she uses Scotty. But, she’s got that elevation part of RICE down pat. Open-mouthed smile

She also seems to be getting into the ice part of it as well.  Do our dogs act like us?  I'd say yes.


Sarah’s Shawls

My Darling Granddaughter Sarah had her 9th birthday on February 13th.  When she was here in November she asked me to knit her a shawl. After searching through the stash and picking out yarn, we soon discovered that she really wanted the shawl that I had given to her Mom.  (Linda’s shawl is shown in the November 27, 2010 post on this blog).  When I told her I could knit her one just like her Mommy’s in the same yarn, she was thrilled and so I started the shawl before they went back home so she could see that there would eventually be a shawl coming for her.


I decided as I was knitting this one that she might need an extra shawl that she could just wear to her heart’s content and not worry about the silk in the yarn and I happened to be knitting one out of Luster Sheen that I decided would work quite well for her. Both shawls were sent to her for her birthday and she seemed to be quite thrilled with them. It warms a Nana’s heart. Red heart