Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vernal Equinox

I started this shawl on April 4th. The next day I also started a vest that I am designing in Berroco Sock yarn and a few days after that started the Victorian Lace Poncho.  Yes, I had startitus in April.  As it usually happens I got down to business on the shawl and left the others in time out.  I’m wired that way. I don’t think it would have taken me almost two months to complete, if I had concentrated on it more.  But, then I also got a new laptop and I was shopping for a BOP (Body of Proof) handbag….I’ve been a busy girl with my shopping fingers since my knee surgery.  Thankfully, knee is getting better so my credit card will not be burned to a cinder. Flirt male Here’s a few pics of the Vernal Equinox.  And the amount of yarn I had left out of 1600 yards! (Thank you, Nikki) I kept thinking I was going to run out and think I mentioned that I was going to several times.

IMG_3067  IMG_3071s  IMG_3072s  IMG_3076s  IMG_3086s   IMG_3087s  IMG_3088sI really enjoyed knitting this shawl.  I think I will enjoy wearing it…although it will have to be a lot cooler.  This shawl is going to hold in some heat. Smile

I mentioned the BOP bag.  If you watch Body of Proof, you have noticed her bags.  Prada, of course.  Mine isn’t, but I like it and I like the sale price I paid too!  I got it at Wilson’s Leather.  It even has a little laptop sleeve for the bag but it is definitely a handbag. I’m not using the sleeve because I’ve carrying my little netbook computer in it along with my purse contents, a small knitting project and my reader and of course my phone.  I won’t carry all of it if I’m going on a shopping trip..but it’s great to be able to when I want to!

Bag   Bag2Bag 3