Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Promised Models and More

The day our Thanksgiving week started, we had to do a little “home training” with the pupmonsters.  They had to have a place to be that wasn’t in the vicinity of “hobbits”. They are not quite used to the quick movement of little ones and like to spring into action which terrorizes our grandsons (and sometimes our granddaughter) and scares me that the dogs could really hurt them.  So… the bed and breakfast is born.


Knitting Models:

We had one reluctant “no way” model and two enthusiastic ones.  Justin was having none of the modeling, but Jacob decided he might just claim both Spiderman and Elmo sweaters and was the perfect little model of both. Sarah was – as always- the modeling diva. Be right backClick on the photos for a larger view.

Ladies first….Sarah in her Star of My Heart dress.

IMG_1509    IMG_1514

And what model doesn’t spend a little time in front of a mirror?

IMG_1515  IMG_1517 IMG_1519  IMG_1520

The reluctant model, Justin.  Likes the sweater OK…but please….it was 80 degrees outside and he was not about to put it on.


Jacob, on the other hand was happy to model both sweaters.  I think the pictures tell the story.

  Jacob 1st look1Jacob 1st look

 Jacob tryon 2Jacob tryon 3Jacob tryon 4Elmo 1

Elmo 3Elmo 4

Elmo 5You couldn’t find a better model in the pages of a magazine. Yes, I am a prejudiced Nana.

Now, did I mention – “More” in the subject line.  Well…here it is.

I gave our Darling DIL a shawl that I had originally knitted for me, but never wore.  I would put it on and it wouldn’t ever look quite right and I would think, “I should give this shawl to Linda.  It would be perfect for her”. But, before I could get pictures of her in the shawl, her darling husband, Jason (yes, this is our son) and his father (my darling husband, David) had some fun of their own.

Jason 1  GoofsSmile with tongue out

Here is the beautiful Linda modeling the shawl that is indeed perfect for her if I do say so myself (although Jason looks pretty darn good, too)Winking smileIn the second photo, she’s showing off some new bling.

Linda 1Linda 2   

Who wore it best? Open-mouthed smile                

Linda 3Jason 2

Good times.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Finish of Something Elmo

Nine days & he’s ready for Jacob.  Although, Mama says they boys will fight over this one.  They both are the same size so they can switch and I’m not sure Justin is old enough to care which one wears or even if he wears one. Smile

Front1  Back 1

Now on to some preparation for Thanksgiving and a certain cake the adult kids love, but hate to have around. But if it’s not here sort of hate that too. So…once a year it just has to be done. Winking smile