Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013


Let’s just start this thing by saying that I suck at blogging. But, that is a given since the last time I was here was in September of last year.  Well, that being said and what is really the big deal in the big scheme of things….it’s not like this is a hot ticket item anyway. Smile

I won’t even try to fill in the time since my last post because I usually don’t remember what I did last week so the months that have gone by are dust in the wind.  But, I can say that I had a really good memorial day weekend with family and friends.  So, before these memories are caught in the cobwebs of my mind, I thought I would capture them here.

Luau and Pig Roast with the Neighbors and Besties on Sunday.


Yes….it s gross looking…no, I didn’t eat any


But, our adorable neighbor across the street really like that skin!


Faith,, me and Harley  Love these Gals)


My Bestie, Harley Dawn  and Lola our host’s dog

It was a nice day. Memorial Day Monday was filled with family and BBQ. Smile


Zach and his crew enjoying the pool 



Dad made the chicken to perfection!



Adorable little Gnome!


Man at work in the kitchen…Who knew?? He’s more like his Dad every day!



Dax and I had great fun in the “doll room”


It is wonderful to build memories and also to write them down before they fade. Smile with tongue out

*May God take away all the troubles of this house and leave peace in their place.  God Bless our troops for they are the peacekepers"*

Happy Memorial Day, Y’all!