Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Been a While

I'm still fogging a mirror, but this blog is in a coma. I think it's time to wake it up or pull the plug on it. So, I see that the last time I mentioned knitting was many projects ago. I did finish the Adamas and I love it. And I love the yarn that Alice made me buy. I have enough yarn left to do another shawl or to give to someone else to do another shawl. I haven't decided that I can part with it yet so it's just loitering in my stash.

I've yet to wear this anywhere. It's very light weight and it has been a cold winter. But, things are warming up here in the great state of Texas and this will do nicely as a take along for frigid air conditions buildings

I made all five nieces fingerless mitts for Christmas. They were fun, but after 5 pair on a deadline - I closed the chapter on fingerless mitts for a while. They all seemed to like them.

Then there's the knitting for Elliott Ranch Babies. We've had two new baby girls born in the community and I wanted to knit something for them. I love these booties and bib and they are fun to do. After dong the bib twice and the booties three times, I'm not opposed to knitting them again. Unusual for me since I like to move on to something else since I had to do patterns over and over for business knitting. The booties are a free pattern which also has a hat to match.

My nephew and his wife had a new baby girl in February. Her name is Aliceson. I knitted the booties for her and also a blanket. This is the pattern based on the 5hr baby sweater.

My Grandson, Justin, is about to make his appearance. My DIL is due on March 23. He will join Sarah and Jacob to ....I think make their family complete. Although, you never know with these two. :-) I knitted him an outfit to wear home from the hospital. The sweater is losely based on the Boy 5hr Baby sweater - changed to use DK weight yarn, have buttons, add the letter and taking out the yoke and bottom detail that makes the 5 hr a bit girly.

The hat can be found here. Booties here.
Size 3 & 5 knitting needles
1 skein each of Aqua & Lime BabyBoo Yarn
Right Leg & Left Leg: (Work at the same time)
With smaller needles cast on 44 sts with Aqua yarn and Cast on 44 stitches with Lime yarn. Work 6 rows in k1, p1 across both legs.
Change to size 5 needles and work in st st to 3-1/2 inches total length. Inc 1 st at both sides of both legs on alternate rows 3 times. Mark both sides of both legs on last inc row for end of leg seams. Work in st st until 4 inches from markers, ending on wrong side row. Next row: K1, k2tog, *k3, k2tog, rep from * across, ending k2. (40 sts) Purl the next row.
Waistband - Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 3 rows. Next row, k1, *yo (yarn over) k2tog, to last st, k1.
Next 3 rows, work in ribbing. Bind off.

Sew center front and back seams to markers. Sew leg seams.
With Aqua make a crochet chain for 16 inches. Join Lime yarn and crochet chain another 16 inches. Run this chain through the waistband in the eyelet holes with the aqua side on the lime pant leg and draw up and tie.