Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sarah’s Shawls

My Darling Granddaughter Sarah had her 9th birthday on February 13th.  When she was here in November she asked me to knit her a shawl. After searching through the stash and picking out yarn, we soon discovered that she really wanted the shawl that I had given to her Mom.  (Linda’s shawl is shown in the November 27, 2010 post on this blog).  When I told her I could knit her one just like her Mommy’s in the same yarn, she was thrilled and so I started the shawl before they went back home so she could see that there would eventually be a shawl coming for her.


I decided as I was knitting this one that she might need an extra shawl that she could just wear to her heart’s content and not worry about the silk in the yarn and I happened to be knitting one out of Luster Sheen that I decided would work quite well for her. Both shawls were sent to her for her birthday and she seemed to be quite thrilled with them. It warms a Nana’s heart. Red heart



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