Friday, December 3, 2010

How’s That Decorating Going For Ya’

So, this year I told my Darling Husband that I didn’t want to bring out all the Christmas decorations.  This year things are a bit different with family and while we will have a few people in before, we will be just the two of us and the 4 four legged kids for Christmas.  Do we really need 3 Christmas trees, anyway?

So, I’m out shopping one day last week and come home to ALL the Christmas storage boxes down from the attic and in the garage. Not good. I say I’m only putting up one tree! (Sort of the same as the declaration “I only want ONE little dog). See where this is going?

I see that my Darling Husband already has that one tree up with lights blazing.  After a day of shopping, I decorate the tree (all inside decorating is my job) and by the time it’s done, I’m wiped out from the long day. So, I state that we are done because what goes up must come down and in only a short 4 weeks.

Guess how that declaration went for me? Click on pics for larger view.

Tree #1

IMG_1551         IMG_1554

Tree #2 White House Ornaments

IMG_1552     IMG_1553

Tree #3 Mother’s Ornaments

IMG_1559    IMG_1560

He stated that we would just put the other two trees up so we will have the pretty lights and I don’t have to do any decorations… the lights will be pretty.  Right…I’m going to have bare trees sitting around my house. 

Did we stop there?  Oh no.

IMG_1557  IMG_1561

This was Mom’s I love her.

IMG_1562  IMG_1564

IMG_1566IMG_0080 IMG_1570  IMG_1571

IMG_1572 IMG_1555

Of course, there is more around but you get the gist.  Outside he has lights, two trees, wreath on the door and he’s not finished. He has more lights to put out. Just thinking of taking all this down drove me share some suds with Santa.


You know this is how I got 4 dogs, don’t you? Who, by the way, are also decorated with reindeer bells.  I’m sure we aren’t done with them either and they are trying to  be so good and quiet (left pic) so that we don’t put elf clothes on them like last year.

IMG_1546 Elves in a row

So it goes in the Meldrum Household. 

Merry Christmas, Y’all!



Linda said...

How lovely!! I'm glad you went all out...wouldn't be you if you didn't!!

Bev said...

It's gorgeous! And I'm sure you earned the Bud Light!!

Always Alice said...

and we all know that is was all David's fault!

Brenda said...

Looks awesome. Love it!

Merry Karma said...

If it is any looks beautiful.

Knitrageous said...

Beautiful! You should hire out! ha ha