Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet Up Places, Gals & Glasses

The places you meet your friends change a little as you get a little old-er. This occurred to me today as I sat in Bellingrath Optic in Barton Creek Mall for the 3rd time in as many weeks with my dear friend, Nikki.

We both purchased new glasses at the same time and mine came in and hers didn’t because there was a problem with the frame configuration she picked out so she had to pick out more frames and start all over. I got mine two weeks ago and most of you have seen them:

Picture 11

And, the Lone Star Gals are NOT going to believe this…but I actually got a picture of Nikki in her new glasses with my phone.  I was nice and sent it to her and asked if she approved and she did not, but Chuck did so I’m broadcasting it all over.  I even use this one in my phone now for when she calls me instead of the one with the lampshade.  She thinks the one with the lampshade is the cooler picture, but …my phone…my decision. Smile with tongue out I love this picture of her.  It’s just the right amount of “hurry and and get this over with, total disgust and a small amount of tolerance.” And I LOVE her new glasses on her. They just about disappear on her face. Be sure to click on the pic for a better view.  We don’t get to see Nikki in pics much and this is a rare treat. Truly, they aren’t much different than the old glasses…but the lenses are shaped in a nicer way for her face, IMHO.


Before we met at our new meet up place, we met Linda Quinn at one of our 3 favorite places to haunt for lunch – Abuello’s.  It seems that we can’t eat anything but Tex Mex these days and whether I am lunching with a girlfriend or David – it’s either Abuello’s, Texican or Serrano’s. And I most always get the same thing that I always get at each of these places.  This may be a sign of getting old-er too?

Linda was stylin’ today and I had to share.  There’s a story behind these shoes in that a friend of hers just gave them to her like the shirt off her back.  I think I’ll leave it there. SmileLinda liked the shot of the just the shoes, but we can’t pass on those sexy toes.

LQ's sandleLQ's sandle 1

The only thing that would have made today better was if Always Alice could have joined us.  She had to pick up her DH from the airport after his little vacation and she didn’t think he would like walking with two suitcases and a golf bag.

Our meets at Bellingrath Opitics are not over.  My sister - (yes, the Gal that sold us the glasses thinks we are sisters – what mother would name her daughters Nikki & Vicki?) -Nikki bought herself a pair of sunglasses today that will have to be picked up next week or so. Does this mean that meet up places change as you get old-er?

I think so. Hot smile


Knitrageous said...

My friend and I joke we will be rocking on the porch together at the old folks home! Glad you got to meet up and especially glad to see a great picture of Nikki! ha ha

Bev said...

Great glasses & great shoes!