Monday, June 3, 2013

Do You Have A Turtle?

When Zach and his crew were here on Memorial Day and Dax and I were playing in the “Doll Room”, he was enjoying the stuffed dogs (mostly schnauzers with a yorkie or two and a couple of pound puppies) and we had a chat about his upcoming move to a new house.  He was excited because he gets to get a turtle or turtles, I’m not sure. As we talked he said he liked the dogs all right and the plastic octopus and dinosaur toy that I unearthed from a drawer, but “Do you have a turtle”? No, no turtles.  As we played some more I got the question a couple more times “Do you have a turtle”? Sadly, I did not and not one to come up empty when it comes to cute 4 year olds I decided to knit him one.

So, when Dax comes over again I Got Turtle! Winking smile

2013-06-02 21.31.19     2013-06-02 21.32.03

Pattern is here.  I changed the head to make it smaller and eliminated the last increase row.

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Always Alice said...

Good for you....gotta keep those cute young gentlemen happy!