Thursday, March 3, 2011


This title could apply to many things, but in this case it’s a shawl I just finished knitting.  I wore it yesterday to lunch with friends (first time I got to drive my truck my myself - woo-hoo!! But, I had to ice  my leg all the way home – wee-wee-wee -whine Sad smile) The Husbank took pics before I went to lunch yesterday and somehow these pics have mysteriously disappeared from my external plug in drive.  I downloaded them to the external hooked up to Miss Mini the netbook and when I plugged said external into the laptop…they weren’t there.  There weren’t on Miss Mini, they weren’t in the trash, they weren’t anywhere.  I don’t know for the life of me what happened because I had before and since downloaded pics to the external with the netbook and the files were always there when plugged into any computer.  And…I wasn’t taking any leg drugs yesterday that would impair my otherwise sharp mind.Who me?Maybe the jury is still out on that one?

So, more pics were taken this morning. I knitted this in Endless Summer Connemara that has been discontinue by Elann…Boo HISSS on them! Love that yarn which is, of course, the kiss of death to the line usually. The pattern is here:

Beloved shutterBeloved br


Beloved FrontBeloved Side

Beloved BackThere was a little “design element” placement necessary after finishing the shawl.  Husbank noticed a “flaw” in the back and he’s not usually prepared for flaws in my knitting. Smile It was where I had tied on yarn and this cotton will tend to fray and for some reason it left a very ugly stretched stitched that looked like it was twisted or something.  So, I untied the  yarn and realized it was not going to work without some unraveling of stitches. So…tied it back and I made some little crocheted “flowers” to cover the offendiing flaw.  I guess it could also be an apostrophe or a sperm…but we won’t go there. Be right back

Beloved de


Anonymous said...

Now the hubby can take you out on a date so you can wear the pretty shawl!

Knitrageous said...

Wow Vicki, that turned out great! I really like the color too. Hope your knee gets back to normal soon!

lmeldrum said...

Love the shawl...your work is gorgeous as usual :). I'm working with the same yarn (as you know...since you gave it to me) and it is my favorite so far. Beautiful color!! Love you!!

Merry Karma said...

Love it...sperm and all.

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Vicki it is absolutely freekin
G O R G E O U S!!
Soooo... since it has a sperm does that mean it will reproduce itself?? Just imagine it...add a little sperm to your knitting and Poof! Instant shawl!
Ok... I need more coffee

anythingbutsnow said...

so lovely!! Great job Vicki :) xoxo