Thursday, March 31, 2011

It’s a 4 Dog Blog Day

My Darling Doggies have been under some upset over the last couple of days.  Their home has been invaded by a red-headed stranger.  Well…not really a stranger, but one that gets them all excited and they all turn into barky-von-schnauzers.  Even the yorkie. Our youngest son will be boarding at Mom & Dad Hilton for a spell.  I don’t have pictures of them acting like devil dervishes because I’m right in the mix trying to calm them down. I do have a picture of them being held hostage on the couch. The boys are all spread out and Kassi refused to be on the end of the couch and that far away from her Mama so she got on her perch. You can see the love-fest is mutual.

IMG_0196s   IMG_0200s

They are normally such calm dogs until somebody or something comes into their territory.  Most people don’t get to see things like this:

Tyger  & Murphy using Dad as their bed.  You wouldn’t even see Dad if it weren’t for his foot.


Murphy being a sweet baby doll resting on the couch or he and Scotty showing brother love (before the smack down later – they love to wrestle)

IMG_2957s   IMG_1775s

Miss Kassi is just sweet as sugar.  She doesn’t bark at our boarder at the Mom & Dad Hilton too much and she just bats those eyelashes at him and he calls her sweetheart. She works it with all of us. The tongue is just a tad longer than the lashes.


Truthfully, no alcohol was used to catch these poses, though these two surely look as though they have been partying with the Big Dogs.

Be right backIMG_2955 IMG_2933

Murphy is a good crasher…. you wouldn’t believe from these pictures that he is a ball of activity most of the time. Plays hard and crashes hard. Tyger is no slacker either.

IMG_2920   IMG_0188s

Honestly, when the house is quiet after a 4 Dog Day of Sentry Duty for a NPM (Non-Pack Member) in the midst, they will all just crash.

Image1Hopefully soon, they will get used to this red-headed stranger and admit him to the pack.  Don’t get me wrong…they LOVE him…they just have to remember they love him every time he walks into the room. They have to learn that the NPM was Mama’s PM LONG before they were. It’s a process.

Now before you nod off too, check out what Mr. Postman brought me today. The coveted discontinued Endless Summer Connemara that I snagged off EBAY. And ….after I showed this on my knitting group, my sweet Knit Sistah Linda Q told me she had 9 1/2 skeins of this yarn in teal that she is going to give to me as my “post surgery, empty next filing up” gift.  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


There will be much petting time of this yarn because I have several WIP’s (as you know from my previous confession on this bog). I have  all of the patterns on my wonderful e-reader that Zach (formerly known as the NPM on this blog) gave me for Christmas. I have the projects bagged together and have been switching back and forth between them and progress is being made, surprisingly. SmileSo..who’s going home on American Idol? My bottom 3 picks are actually sitting in the stools right now. I don’t happen to think Paul is as talented as most others do. There he goes back to one note us next week. OY!

IMG_2932 Going to “knit on it”!


Enid said...

Ohh my those babies are so big Vicki!

Knitrageous said...

Wow Vicki! I can't even imagine four of them. The two we have wrestle and jump around and lick and think they are both lapdogs. It's probably the same because they are so big!

The yarn is purty! Linda Q is a good egg!

I've never seen American Idol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vicki! These photos of your little ones are awesome. I'm so glad your son is able to visit. I know he will be a big help to you around the house. Just have him take 4 dog treats with him every time he leaves the house, then when he returns, he can offer a treat to all those little ones. They are sure to be more welcoming to him in just a couple of days.
So glad to hear from you. I'm assuming you're doing well. Just remember what I always used to tell my patients as they left the hospital. "Don't be afraid to use your pain medication if you really feel you need it."
Hope to have you back full time real soon, meanwhile, have a nice visit with your son and concentrate on your rehab.
Love ya!
Ric Ross

Merry Karma said...

How can they not love the NPM? He looks just like their momma...

Love the yarn, and that Linda Q is the bestest!!!

Arlene Hermann said...

Hi Vicki, Wanted to tell you how much I love your knitting projects you have made. I am from the knitting forum website. You do such beautiful work. It is great that you share your beautiful work. I am an animal lover myself and love dogs as well as cats. I was a cat owner at one time, but when I moved couldn't have pets which saddened me greatly!
If you would like to be my epal my email address is Have a great Sunday! Hugs!

Arlene Hermann <3 :) @--->

Ammie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sorry that the link for the Vernal Verde Vest pattern was hard to find. It's the first linked "here" on the post, and I can see why it's hard to spot. ;) Anyway, here's the URL:

That's a beautiful lacy white knit dress you have in your sidebar. I love it! And hooray for a gift of lovely teal yarn and excited dogs!