Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rockin’Ankle Boots from Easy Spirit


Can I just say Who Knew? Who knew Easy Spirit would have rockin’ ankle boots?  I didn’t expect it.   I’ve shopped there for over 10 years and I’ve mostly stuck to the mules that work for me. I received these boots to evaluate and when I opened the box, I thought “What??  Then my second thought was “I’m not going to be able to wear these”.Sad smileI had knee surgery for a meniscus tear last year and the old knee is not what she used to be.  I’ve had to be very careful with my footwear since then and with the neuropathy in my feet. I put them on and was again surprised that they didn’t hurt my feet and I could actually walk in them after not having on high heal of any type for about 5 years. Aren’t they super cute?!  They are called Pensdale.

p1Notice how the back of the boot is not flush up against the ankle.  My heel is snug as a bug in the boot, but the construction of the shoe is such that it doesn’t touch and gouge the back of my ankle. They are in their anti-gravity line and they are light weight with cushioned rubber soles that help the stability factor for me with the knee and the feet problems. I have worn these shoes out twice and took extra shoes both times ‘ya know…just in case…and never changed out of them.  Granted, I didn’t do a marathon day long shopping in these shoes, but did a small amount of running in and out ( ok, walking in and out of several places and never felt the need to peel them off. These shoes are very comfortable and a younger Gal could possibly run a marathon in them. SmileYou know when you wear some shoes without socks or hose and the sole of the shoes will slip or stick to the bottom of your feet. These have really cool soles with mesh lining.  Very breathable comfort when I wore them without socks or hose.  Does anybody wear hose anymore?  Not in Texas in the summer, I’ll tell you. So they were perfect without socks or hose and paired with a jean skirt.

P inside boot P2skirtTry not to give the hubs instructions on snapping the picture while he’s snapping the picture.  Just sayin’.

They also rock pair of skinny jeans! when a girl has to supervise the Hubs doing yard work. Smile

SJ ES Spirit AB    SJ ES AB

These are nice, comfortable pair of boots that I’m so happy I was able to review for Easy Spirit because I would have thought these boots to be out of my box and would never have considered them.  Now that I know I can wear these boots, I’ll be strutting them right on outta my box from now on! Now….just need to speak to them ….again….about some Vicki Red. Smile

These boots are light shopping (less than 4 hours) and schnauzer approved.

SJ ES Schnauzer approved

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