Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hiya Hiya Happy Merry!

Imagine my surprise when I checked the mail today and there were the Hiya Hiya Needles. Happy Merry to me! That was FAST! When I opened the package and pulled out wrapped tissue paper, I thought that only one set had arrived because it was so light and flat. But...both were there. The red is mine and the blue is going to my sistah, Always Alice for her birthday on June 16th. Happy Birthday to her! She will get them early, but I told her she needed to practice her "ooooh ahhhh, SURPRISE!" look. :-)

This is how they come - pouch, needles and cords all in their own individual packages. Lots of unwrapping to do. The good thing is there are lot of little zip lock bags you can save to ....well, say...drop your jewelry in to take the repair shop. You don't have to ask me how I know these things would come in handy for that.
Here are my needles 2-8 all tucked away in their little place. Plenty of room to add more needles should I find that they knit as well as they look.
I tucked away the cords still in their zip lock pouch in the back zipper pocket on the back. They fit well with no bulk.

Here the front of the case filled and closed. And so pretty. Did I say I LOVE the pouch these needles come in?
The back of the case, fully packed and still very compact and lightweight. It still has room for more "stuff" in the top inside pocket and more needle tips should I find I love these needles as much as I love the case they are stored in. But that will be another post. :-)

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Always Alice said...

OOOOOOO.....AWWWWWW......Surprised enough???

They look so tiny!!! Sooooooo....have ya cast something on yet?????