Thursday, May 13, 2010

That "Another Post" Hiya Hiya Review

So, I'm talking to Always Alice on the phone yesterday and she says "You haven't used them yet"!!! The enabling that woman is resposible for is just monumental. :-), I have to find "something" to knit to try out the needles.  "Something" has to be quick because I'm really deep into knitting SarahBeth for my GD Sarah Elizabeth.

I picked Cowboy booties....which is actually Cowboy Booty (1) at the moment.  I got the pattern from one of Alice's Just a Few and the blog seems to have disappeared so I can't link you to the pattern.
Of course this took longer than I had planned.  I only planned an evening and I spent last evening and half of this day on this one booty. Mostly on re-design points and tweaking the pattern.

At any rate, I used Caron Simply Soft (called for in the pattern) and size 4 needles.  The one thing that I notice right off about the needles is that they weigh nothing in your hands. (They are hollow). The next thing is that the 4" needle feels a little different in my hand and I was trying to decide if it was uncomfortable or just different. The yarn slides over the needle quickly and smoothly and anyone who has trouble with poking holes in their fingers would enjoy these needles.  The rounded end on these needles would help with the sore finger problem.  I don't have that poking problem so the point isn't a plus for me and on this project not a minus either.  I liked the tips just fine.  Lace will be the true test, but I think the tips are plenty thin enough on the smaller needles especially for lace.

I did have trouble with the needles coming unscrewed from the cable. Several times. There's no key to tighten it and contrary to the reviews that I had read that they were adding a rubber grip to tighten the needles, one was not included in my package. Once I became aware that it was going to be a problem, I would just check the connection after several rows or if I felt a drag when the yarn was sliding over the connection. I do have some little rubber grips that came with my Boye sets and I will use one the next time I use these needles to see if it helps keep them tightened. I do think that the shortened needles are perfect for knitting in the round especially when you use the shorter length cord. 

 By the time I got to the end of the little boot project, I was comfortable with the shorter length, but I think I would prefer a bit longer. I don't think the Knit Picks are quite 5" which is what is offered in this brand, but I think I may buy a couple of 5" just to see if I like them better. I love the flexible thin cords on these needles. But, having said that - these needles {from this one test ride} would not be my first choice if I could only have one set.  Knit Picks are still on top for me. But, I love these for augmentation to what I already have.  A girl needs choices and the right tools for a project always makes a big difference in the enjoyment factor and product.

So, I was concentrating so hard on the detailing and top stitching on this boot that I had a lapse in "puppy vigilence".  One cannot have these lapses or "yarn vomit" can happen.  They can't help themselves. 
You see that there isn't a dog to found in this picture.  Oh No, they have fled the scene with their "Not Me" eyes.  But, if they only knew...all Mom can see is "Lying Eyes".

A couple more views of the singular boot.  It was fun and now I'm over it. This "bootie" is bigger than most and has much more detailing. I usually don't get SSS with booties..but I'm really just wanting to knit on Sara Beth right now.  Maybe the next time I knit in the car, I'll make the second bootie.  Or...this will become a really cute Christmas Tree ornament!
Meanwhile, this one will lounge out by the pool to enhance it's natural red hue.


Always Alice said...

The single bootie will "lounge by the pool"???? Maybe until the pupsters notice it........

Knitrageous said...

I think it'd make a great Christmas ornament!

Enid said...

Ohh my you blog, way cool!! Love that bootie!!