Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vintage Knitting Needles

We have been discussing needle sets on my LSSK yahoo group and a rash of us have made a run on a Hiya Hiya set seeing as we have just about every other set out there. We are a group of women that wear the handle "Needle Ho" and don't mind it. Of course we can also put Yarn in front of that Ho as well, but that would be another post. What started it all was one of my Gals, Laura is in the market for a set and wanted to know what our favorites were. Most of us had several favorites and discussion ensued and then a poll and lots of scrambling to buy out the Hiya Hiyas because Kareena mentioned that these were her favs over Knit Picks and we just had to know HOW any needle could be better than Knit Picks. (Nice, long run on sentence, don't you think?) OK, so, the hunting and gathering was on!

It made me take inventory of all the sets I did have and I realized I have some OLD ones. I have my mother's needle set from the 60's which was just like the Boye, but it has the Sears name on it. She took lessons at Sears and possibly Boye made them for Sears and put their name on it. They have size 2-15 and while I doubt I'll ever use them, I will never part with them so I need to tell my DIL Linda just what a treasure they are. Poor thing. My only knitter and the shepherdess of the stash.

Look at the lovely 60's green and yellow flower case. LOL!

I bought several sets of old Boye's on Ebay to get some extra cords for Mom's set and for nostalgic reasons that I can remember now. :-O I have 4 more with cases like this in different patterns and probably from the 70's although they only go from 6-15 in needle size.

I did find an unusual case in my collecting. I thought it quite unusual and this must have been from the 80's since it had the skinny nylon cords instead of thick white cords.

I do have the modern day Boye set - mine and Mom's plus both of our Denise sets. I bought my DDIL Linda a set of Denise and she loves them. I need to see if she would like to branch out into metals as I have so many to share. :-)


Always Alice said...

I didn't realize that you had THAT many sets just alike!!! Nikki may have to share her title.......

DDIL Linda said...

I don't know Mom...I love my Denise needles. Why mess with perfection?!

LOL...I'll definitely try those metal ya!!